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The coastal ferries in British Columbia often struggle to keep up with demand, leaving many British Columbians frustrated with their travel options. Greenline proposes a new option to address capacity: efficient, high-speed passenger-only ferries.  Ferry technologies have improved remarkably in the past ten years, making it the ideal time to unlock this opportunity for BC.

An investment in Greenline is an investment in a greener, more nimble coastal transportation system. By joining as an investor, you are helping empower the best minds in BC ferry transportation systems to deliver people greener choices and get them exactly where they want to go.

An investment in Greenline offers more than a financial return.  An investment in Greenline is good for people, good for the planet, and it's going to unlock the coastal ferry system that BC needs to thrive.  


There’s a lot of coordination needed to make this work.  Join our seed funding round and help us to take these critical steps. Contact us to explore the opportunity.

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