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New electric passenger ferry service proposed to link Vancouver with Bowen Island & Sunshine Coast

Updated: Apr 29

“There could be so much more to coastal travel in BC than car ferry service. We like to think of Greenline as the waterway extension to all the new mobility modes that have rewired Vancouver in the past 20 years,” said Campbell.

Artistic rendering of the electric-battery MS Medstraum ferry vessel in Norway. (TRAM Project)

By Kenneth Chan, The Daily Hive

Mar 6 2023, 5:44 pm

If all goes as planned, there could be a new passenger-only ferry service linking downtown Vancouver with Bowen Island and Sunshine Coast by 2025.

And it would use two 100% electric-battery vessels to enable relatively frequent service throughout the day, and for enhanced reliability and redundancy.

Callum Campbell, the founder and CEO of Greenline Ferries, told Daily Hive Urbanized his company’s proposed service would use a new Norwegian model of zero-emission, all-electric catamaran vessel. It was created by a research and development project backed by the European Union, with the prototype — called the MS Medstraum — seeing success ever since it entered service in Norway in September 2022.

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