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Greenline partners with BC Hydro to advance all-electric passenger-only ferries in British Columbia

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Passenger-only ferries are used successfully in jurisdictions around the world, but the all-electric versions are a newer technology and require special considerations around charging. BC Hydro, British Columbia’s provider of clean and renewable energy, is now joining forces with Greenline Marine Inc.—a company leading the way in sustainable transportation to BC’s coastal communities—to dig into specific requirements for all-electric passenger ferries in the province.

BC Hydro is supporting Greenline's efforts to unlock all-electric passenger-only ferry service in BC by committing $60K over the next six months to fund a Low Carbon Electrification and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Study. This study will be conducted by 3GA Marine Ltd, a company well-regarded for its industry-leading expertise in naval architecture and marine engineering. The work will comprehensively analyze technical, financial, and scheduling aspects of the project, enabling informed investment decisions.

BC Hydro provides funding to companies implementing solutions that substantively address climate change through low carbon initiatives. Its extensive range of industrial electrification incentives help bolster the marine industry's transition to hydroelectricity, replacing fossil fuels with clean, quiet, alternatives with lower environmental impact.

Greenline CEO Callum Campbell says, “BC has an incredible system of hydroelectric power that can be leveraged for new uses in the marine industry. With our clean and renewable power sources, spinning turbines in the BC interior will be used for spinning propellers on the coast. This will set a new standard for sustainability and allow BC to emerge as a leader in green maritime technologies.”

Through this collaboration, BC Hydro shows its commitment to supporting small and innovative companies to implement solutions for meaningful change in the province. The funded study, undertaken by 3GA Marine Ltd, will provide crucial details on all-electric passenger-only ferries, enabling Greenline to take decisive further steps to make them a reality for British Columbians. Together the organizations are striving to create a greener, more resilient British Columbia.


About BC Hydro: BC Hydro is the leading provider of clean and renewable energy in British Columbia. Committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability, BC Hydro drives innovation and supports industries in their transition to clean energy sources.

About Greenline Marine Inc: Greenline is focused on unlocking all-electric passenger-only ferry service in BC. By revolutionizing the marine transportation sector, Greenline aims to reduce emissions, enhance travel experiences, and promote sustainable practices.

About 3GA Marine Ltd: Already well established for their expertise in naval architecture and marine engineering, 3GA Marine is now helping to shape the future of Canada's maritime sector with pioneering work in the electrification of ferries and tug vessels.


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