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Introducing Greenline’s New Chief Operating Officer, Captain Darren Pereira

Experienced maritime Captain is driven to make green innovation happen in the British Columbia marine industry

Captain Darren Pereira has joined Greenline Marine, Inc. as its new Chief Operating Officer, bringing to the company his wide-ranging expertise in ship operations, team leadership, and local knowledge.

Pereira has spent the past six years captaining vessels in BC waters, having served on ships that traverse the waters between Vancouver and Bowen Island, as well as Vancouver and Gibsons. He holds a Masters in Maritime Management from Memorial University and various technical certifications and qualifications to work as Flag State Inspector and Safety Management Systems Auditor.

When he’s not overseeing or inspecting ship operations, Pereira enjoys playing soccer or kicking back with a science fiction book. He also enjoys watching documentaries and reading up on astronomy, geography, geology, spirituality, and the origins of life on our planet.

Pereira answers some questions about his career and why he decided to come on board with Greenline.

What made you want to pursue a career as a mariner?

Becoming a mariner was a natural fit for me because my father was Captain on container ships crossing the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. I started sailing with my father on these ships during my summer vacations as a teenager. Being out there in the open ocean, I found it exhilarating to stare out to the horizon and have the big, blue dome of the sky above while the ship hummed underneath me. And the starry nights were incredible. When I graduated from high school, I decided to follow that path and began my seagoing career as a BCIT cadet.

What range of positions have you held throughout your career?

From a navigation cadet, to working as an officer with Algoma Central Corporation on Great Lakes freighters, and then taking command of BCFerries passenger Ro-Ros on the BC Coast, and finally reaching the rank of a Senior Captain, these experiences have taken me on a tremendous sixteen-year journey. I even had a chance to work on the local harbour cruises and smaller passenger boats in False Creek. Throughout all these roles, best of all was working with my crews and earning their respect while ensuring operations went smoothly and morale was high.

Why did you join Greenline?

I have a drive for innovation and clean technology. The way ships operate on the water has changed considerably in the last century. From steamships to diesel and now electric, from sextants and nautical almanacs to GPS-fed electronic charts, from shovelling coal into furnaces to unmanned machinery spaces. It is undeniable that technology drives human evolution and performance.

Greenline with its all-electric passenger vessels represents the next generation of vessels. Great for the environment with zero emissions and a considerable reduction in underwater radiated noise, Greenline is the answer for commuters and those who wish to move about without being in their cars. Greenline ferries will affordably connect citizens to transit and ride hailing services, helping alleviate traffic jams.

Greenline and its team aligns perfectly with my own personal values. I have a vision for eco friendly, urbanized, human centred transit services that draws inspiration from cities such as Singapore, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. Modern day transit in Vancouver shouldn’t just be a service, it should be a lifestyle that incorporates the beauty of the BC Coastline and Howe Sound.

In your role as COO, what will you bring to the Greenline organization?

I believe that a ship isn’t a ship without its crew, and a company isn’t a company without its employees – so a successful business is built through leadership that ensures pride and growth in its employees. I’m motivated to keep this principle at the forefront of company operations. I also wish to build a safety and corporate culture that values efficient and streamlined work processes.

Why were you drawn to the Greenline team?

Greenline is going to change the landscape of water transportation in BC, and I am very excited to join a team that is spearheading this movement. I truly wish to see cities thriving in harmony with our planet, ecosystems preserved, employees who enjoy their work, and our community efficiently moving about in a system dedicated to them.

Greenline has a highly experienced and enthusiastic team behind it, with a wealth of knowledge that we’re bringing together. We are brought together authentically by our mission, and we are motivated to bring this experience to BC. So stay tuned, and follow us along!


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